A useful guide to sources of information relating to both Model Railways
and the "Real Thing", particularly with regard to the Forest of Dean.
Dean Forest Railway. Visit this site to learn more about that part of the real railways in the Forest of Dean that has been preserved.
Railways of the Forest of Dean. This is a website dedicated to the Railways of the Forest of Dean (past and present - mostly past).
iRail. Index of all railway and model railway related websites in the UK and Ireland...
GWR Modelling. Provides links and notes for modellers of the Great Western Railway.
Great Western Study Group Promoting and encouraging interest, research and modelling of the Great Western Railway.

The Great Western Archive. An excellent source of information on things Great Western.

Scalefour Society The Scalefour Society caters for the needs of railway modellers working to the scale of 4mm to the foot (1:76.2), the most popular of the British model railway scales.  It promotes and encourages the use of efficient modelling techniques and fine scale standards among all 4mm railway modellers but with particular emphasis on the use of  scale wheels and track.

Glevum Area Group of the Scalefour Society. The group whose catchment area covers the Forest of Dean and whose members help with running Clinkerford at Exhibitions.

The Historical Model Railway Society The Society is one of the definitive sources of information on Britain's long and varied railway history, from the very beginning to the present day. It gathers, stores, and widely distributes historical railway information, thereby providing you with all the vital information you need to build historically accurate models. Whether you are a railway modeller, a railway historian or a railway enthusiast you will find plenty to interest you here.

Model-trains-and-more-freight-hobbies This was sent to me by Laramie Public Library who had been accessing my website and, as this was another site that they found useful, asked that I include a link here

rmweb This is an excellent model railway forum

Pendon museum The Vale Scene is probably one of the finest model railways anywhere and Dartmoor is not far behind. The inspiration for thousands of modellers across the UK.

Understanding-model-train-maintenance This site was sent to me by Enrichingkids, a non profit organisation promoting innovative learning tecniques, who came across my site while researching for a model railway project.
Links to suppliers of kits, accessories and so forth on Clinkerford are to be found under locomotives, rolling stock and construction
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